Infinity Pool

Situated on the edge of a natural balcony, in a sunny clearing in the oak and holm oak forest surrounding the villa, Sassone’s pool enjoys a breathtaking and unique view, overlooking the medieval village of Tatti on one side and the underlying Perolla Valley on the other.

Equipped for free swimming, hydro-massage, and back and foot massage, the pool features innovative and eco-friendly filtration and purification systems that use sea salt instead of chlorine. The Chlorine-Free purification of our pool is particularly suitable for those allergic to chlorine. A pleasant sunbathing area awaits you at the poolside for sunbathing and relaxation. The estate provides guests with bath towels. The poolside shower, heated by a solar panel, offers the comfort of a warm rinse after a refreshing swim.

You can also use the bath towels for your trips to the sea or the thermal baths. Simply request them from our staff, who will deliver them in a charming bag. Upon return, you can leave the bag with our staff.


The Aperitivo moment is a time for relaxation to dedicate to oneself.

You can choose from the cocktail menu, sip a glass of fine estate wine or an Italian beer, or refresh yourself with our non-alcoholic Hugo (prepared with homemade elderflower syrup).

Whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, by the pool or on the garden sofas, in the afternoon or before dinner, we always accompany it with something tasty to eat depending on the time.

…and then, let yourself be captivated by the panorama or the sunset sky.


You have probably already had the pleasure of meeting our beloved four-legged friends. They are very affectionate and friendly, but they love to be pampered and may try to melt your heart during meals or breakfast. Please, ignore them! We kindly ask you not to feed them, especially from the table.

If you are traveling with your dog, they are certainly welcome here. The spacious surroundings and walks will allow you to fully enjoy the company of your furry companion. During meals, you can leave your friends in the room or keep them close to you at the restaurant.

For any needs, please ask our staff; they will be happy to accommodate your requests.


In the two hundred hectares of Tenuta Il Sassone and the surrounding hundreds of hectares of woods and countryside, you can enjoy beautiful and long walks on foot. Feel free to ask us for directions and trekking itineraries of varying difficulty and commitment, both within Il Sassone and in the surrounding areas. If you wish, an experienced guide can accompany you, leading you to picturesque places, off the beaten paths.

Within the estate, we have set up two circular paths, along which you can find signs illustrating the local flora and fauna. The first, approximately 3.5 km, starts from the pool and continues towards Il Sassone Alto, then descends to Confiente and ascends back to the pool. The second, about 4 km, starts from the bridge over Confiente, climbs to Cancello, goes beyond Collina, and then returns towards the stream and the bridge.

During your walks, you may find opportunities to observe some animals. There are many wild animals in the woods. They are not usually dangerous; even the slightest noise typically scares them away, and they flee. As nature enthusiasts, we ask you to observe them without disturbing.

Depending on the season, you may find various mushroom species in the woods. If you are experienced, you can collect them. Upon your return home, we will evaluate them with the help of local experts. If you are not familiar with mushrooms, we advise against picking them. Touching inedible or poisonous mushrooms can be dangerous.

Finally, for those who prefer a more leisurely pace, it is very pleasant and relaxing to take a stroll in the vineyard and to our small lake. From the southernmost end of the vineyard, you can enjoy a splendid view of the house and, above all, the medieval village of Tatti.

Mountain Bike

For cycling enthusiasts, the circular trails within the estate connect to others that allow you to move between adjacent properties to reach places of interest such as Tatti, Lake dell’Accesa, and Massa Marittima. These trails wind through the biodistrict of the Colline della Pia (Gavorrano) and can be traversed on a Mountain Bike, including electric-assisted bikes.

Weddings and Events

Il Sassone is the ideal venue for weddings and private parties, meetings, artistic events, workshops, indoor and outdoor courses. It is possible to rent the entire facility, both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Here, you can organize banquets or special gatherings, outdoor activities, and events of all kinds. The estate provides its guests with services and suitable spaces for the equipment needed for your events (catering, music, flowers, etc.). Everything can take place during the day or night, with any extensions of hours to be agreed upon in advance.

Our team is pleased to accompany you and provide full support for the success of your events. We are confident that Tenuta Il Sassone will impress you and your guests.

For further information and quotes, please fill out the online request form, and we will be happy to respond and welcome you to illustrate the venue and discuss the solutions that best suit your needs and expectations!

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