Theme dinners



During the week our Chef Bruno prepares themed dinners.

Friday is the turn of the sea dinner where the Chef, doing honor to his Neapolitan origin, goes in the morning to choose from the local catch only sea fish (sea bass, snapper, amberjack, ..), molluscs (octopus, cuttlefish, clams, ..) and crustaceans (prawns, lobsters, ..). Bruno always takes into account the requests of customers who can therefore report their preferences.

During the weekend it is the turn of the Big Barbecue served in the wine Cellar or in the Villa, under the Big Oak overlooking the sunset. In a more country atmosphere and after an aperitif with cold cuts and “donzelle” (Maremma fried bread), a mix of grilled chicken and pork with vegetables is served, followed by the ‘legendary’ Florentine steak.

Usually the evening after the BBQ we organize the Pizza Party where the Chef prepares a selection of his Pizzas, from the typical Margherita to those with more particular fillings such as Tuna and Onions, for a dip in the most classic Neapolitan tradition.

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