In the elegant Villa, inspired by Florentine style, the estate’s restaurant offers you the refined dining room with a large fireplace or, in the beautiful season, the Piazzetta, a covered courtyard integrated with the Villa, and the garden with its panoramic view of Maremma. Here, Chef Silvia Chinoli’s skillful cuisine inspired by tradition, accompanied by estate wines, will allow you to relax and fully enjoy all the attractions of our Agriristoro.

We accept direct reservations from guests who are not staying with us.

La Tartaruga

Themed Dinners

Themed Dinners

Chef Silvia Chinoli offers different Mediterranean menus throughout the week, and on Fridays, it’s time for the seafood dinner: here, fish, both raw and cooked, is celebrated in many forms to create enticing first courses and tasty mains. The preparation starts in the morning when the Chef selects only the freshest catch of the day from the sea: tuna, octopus, squid, clams, large prawns, always taking into account the preferences of the customers who can communicate their choices.

During the weekend, it’s time for the Grand Barbecue served in the Villa, under the Great Oak with a view of the sunset. In a more country atmosphere and after an appetizer with cold cuts and “donzelle” (fried dough), a mix of grilled chicken and pork with vegetables is served, followed by the legendary Florentine steak.

Private Dinners

Perfect for a gathering with the whole family, an evening among friends, a business dinner, or a reunion of a group of enthusiasts.

Upon arrival, the gravel road from the gate, under the branches in the woods and across the stream that flows through the estate, leads you uphill along the hill to the Villa surrounded by vineyards, woods, and olive groves. The spectacular view frames the occasion. Here, our staff welcomes you with a Welcome Aperitif that you can sip while waiting for other guests. Finally, at the table on the Terrace or in the Novecento Room, reserved for you, where we serve lunch or dinner.

Are you a large group? No problem, the more spacious areas of the Cellar surrounded by vineyards will meet every need.

At the table, our Chef will offer you typical dishes from Italian and Tuscan traditions, revisited for the occasion. You can enjoy them accompanied by a glass of wine produced by our Cellar.

Romantic Dinner

If you wish to spend an intimate evening with your partner, here is our proposal.

In the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere of the Villa, surrounded by the greenery of the woods and vineyards, we can organize an elegant candlelit dinner served on our Terrace, where the breathtaking sunset panorama creates a perfect setting for a romantic appointment, or in the warm and welcoming Novecento Room.

Upon arrival, the wide staircase leading to the entrance of the Villa offers a view that stretches all the way to the sea. In the belvedere, cozy sitting areas are at your disposal to relax and enjoy the fragrant breeze of myrtle and rosemary.

The welcome aperitif served on the Terrace is followed by the Gourmet Dinner. Our Chef can offer you a seafood or land menu expertly prepared to satisfy even the most discerning palates. The courses are paired with the wines from our Cellar.

Staying in one of our rooms can complete this unforgettable experience.

Tasting Menu

Are you wine lovers or looking for a new experience? Come and try our ‘Tasting Menu.’

This menu, crafted by our Chef, features dishes from the Tuscan and Italian traditions, thoughtfully and skillfully paired with a glass of wine selected from our labels produced on-site.

It begins with a refreshing Aperitif accompanied by platters of local cured meats. Then, at the table, each course is savored with a different wine, creating a crescendo of intensity and strength in taste and aroma.

An interesting preamble is the visit to the Cellar. You can stroll through the rows of vineyards and see where we craft our wines. We kindly invite you to contact us for reservations.


Our kitchen offers lunch service every day between 1:00 and 2:00 PM. Our classic offering consists of 3 courses: a cold dish, a first course, and a fruit dish or dessert. However, if you prefer something lighter, you can discuss the menu with us, perhaps opting for a hearty salad.

Ask us for a lunch box for your outings.

Cooking Class

An interesting experience for those who love Italian cuisine.

In the traditional kitchen of the Villa, our Chef awaits you. Her years of experience are at your disposal to guide you in discovering classic recipes of Italian cuisine. It begins with the description of the recipe and ingredients; Italian cuisine has its roots in the simple dishes of peasant tradition. Then, it moves to the large marble table to handle the ingredients and prepare basic doughs, roll out the dough, cut the gnocchi, shape the bread before leavening. Finally, everyone gathers in the technical kitchen to delve into cooking techniques.

The Cooking Class starts around 4:00 PM and lasts about 2 hours. After the cooking session, relax in the living room, garden, or by the pool, awaiting the Gourmet Dinner. You and your companions can delight in the dishes you prepared in the afternoon, accompanied by wines from our Cellar.

At the end, you will be presented with our certificate signed by the Chef.

Discuss your areas of interest with her at the time of booking. Typically, the most requested topics include:

– Fresh pasta with tagliatelle, tortelli, and pici
– Gnocchi
– The art of baking: bread and pizza
– Wild boar
– Fish
– Desserts.

Ask for information

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