If you are looking for a stable in Maremma to go on vacation with your horse, then you are in the right place! At Sassone, we have realized another one of our dreams: the Stable.

On horseback in Tuscany

The facility consists of 6 stalls measuring 3.5×3.5 meters, managed with a flax chaff bedding (unappetizing to horses as it is bitter, thus safe to prevent colic from ingesting the bedding), each with a private paddock; the tack room; 3 grazing paddocks with water troughs, the round pen, and the 20 x 40-meter sand rectangle.

Here, our own horses and those of our guests are accommodated. We are set up to host your horse on board, with either English or Italian-style arrangements, in one of the stable stalls or, as per your preference, in a paddock. Your horse will be treated as an honored guest, and for longer stays, recoveries, or periods of rest after intense athletic activities, our accommodation is ideal! We are also available to discuss boarding packages for your horse that may include monthly or bi-weekly hospitality for the owner.

For those who are simply enthusiasts or curious, it is always possible to visit the stable to get to know these fantastic and elegant friends up close.

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Strada Comunale Rurale di Casteani 23 – Gavorrano (GR)